Maksym Diatel

Basic information

Diatel Maxim joined to the Team in 2017 after he had won the III scholarship competition, which was held by Law Firm “Jurline”.
Maxim began his professional career when he was on a second course at the University. At that time, he was working on a voluntary basis in the center specializing in providing legal assistance to vulnerable sectors of population. After he had finished the third course at the University in 2013, Maxim started to work as a lawyer in one of the most respectful Odesa local government body. There were he represented the interests of the territorial community of Odesa in courts. 

During his student years, Maxim was being a member of British Parliamentary style debate movement. Maxim's persistence had been vital in a lot of his victories in this field. As a result, he became a two-time winner of one of the largest debate tournaments in Eastern Europe and many other national and international competitions.

His strong desire to win and his intelligence determined Maxim's law practice areas in the Jurline Team. As a result, since joining to the Team Maxim's main practice has been commercial litigation. Also, he has being held tax disputes since 2018. 

Grain traders and other participances of the agricultural sector of economy, as well as grain terminals are main clients of Maxim.


National University "Odessa Law Academy"

Membership in professional organizations

Bar Council of Odesa region (2020)
Ukrainian Bar Assosiation (2017)


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