The construction industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy of any country, the development of which directly affects many other areas of the state (manufacturing, banking, service sector, etc.).
Today the Ukrainian market of construction and development is no longer growing rapidly, and now the quality of service, high efficiency, the ability to properly and efficiently plan and implement projects became of the major importance.For developers and builders it means to have an effective scheme of "production" and integrated project management.

Jurline has extensive experience in legal services to construction companies, owners of retail space, developers, Ukrainian and foreign investors on all issues arising at the implementation of construction and real estate management projects such as the construction of multi-family residential complexes, hotels, offices, logistic complexes, such port infrastructure elements as objects for reception, drying, storage and transshipment of grain and other projects.
Jurline provides a comprehensive legal support at all phases of your projects in the construction and real estate management, including financing, drawing up relationships with investment partners, activity planning, development of the necessary documentation for the implementation of your projects, participation in negotiations, and if necessary, the lawsuits resolution.
The team is featured in Real Estate, Construction, Land according to Ukrainian Law Firm 2020 - A Handbook for Foreign Clients as regional counsel