Volodymyr Zubar

Basic information

In his activities, Volodymyr Zubar combines a business-oriented approach, deep academic knowledge and significant experience, offering unique solutions for the clients.
Volodymyr Zubar has experience in representing key players in the maritime infrastructure of Ukraine, agricultural sector, real estate market and other spheres of the economy/ Volodymyr accompanies landmark investment projects and complex transactions with an international element, and also develops a strategy for protection of Ukrainian and foreign companies in courts.
His areas of expertise also include legal assistance to private clients in tax, family, inheritance issues and at all stages of criminal proceedings regarding economic crimes.
PhD in Law, Associate Professor of Civil Law department in the National University “Odesa Law Academy”.

Volodymyr Zubar represented the interests of Ukrainian and foreign clients in Latvia, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, England, USA, and others.


Starting from 2016, Volodymyr Zubar is annually recommended by The Legal 500: Europe, Middle East and Africa Guide in practices areas: Commercial, Corporate and M&A, and Dispute Resolution. Clients say that Mr Zubar “always offers excellent strategic decisions”.
Volodymyr Zubar is recommended by Ukrainian Law Firms: A Handbook for Foreign Clients 2020 in such practice areas as Litigation, as well as in the industries of port infrastructure, maritime and transport law.
According to the rating "Client's Choice 2019" and "Client's Choice 2020" of the Yuridicheskaya Gazeta publishing, attorney Volodymyr Zubar is recommended among the leaders in the Maritime Law practice.
In the rating of the Yuridicheskaya Gazeta "Client's Choice. TOP 100 Best Lawyers of Ukraine" Volodymyr is recognized as one of the best lawyers in Ukraine in the practice of Transport Law, as well as Maritime Law.


Faculty of Law of Odesa State University named by I.I.Mechnikov (1997)
Faculty of History of Odesa State University named by I.I.Mechnikov (1998)
Academic degree of PhD in Law, specialisation "Civil Law and Civil Procedure, Family Law, International Private Law"(2002)
Institute of Intellectual Property and Law (2005)
Chicago-Kent College of Law "School of American Law in Ukraine" (2018)

Membership in professional organizations

Odesa Regional Bar Association (1998)
Ukrainian Bar Association (2004)
Counsel of the Odesa Regional Department of Ukrainian Bar Association (2005)
Association of Civilians of Ukraine (2011)
National Bar Association of Ukraine (2012)
Bar Counsel of Odesa Region (2012)
International Bar Association (2013)

Speaking engagements

ON-LAW MARATHON: REGIONAL ISSUE - as part of the Legal High School (May 15, 2020) Subject of proof in civil confiscation claims - Intensive "Problems of Evidence" within the framework of the Legal High School of Criminal Practice (Kyiv, November 20, 2020) Problematic issues of regulation of legal entities under the Civil Code of Ukraine - All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference "Reconstruction of civil legislation and the legal system of Ukraine in the context of European integration processes" (Odesa, November 8-9, 2019) Criteria for the separation of legal entities of public and private law - International scientific and practical conference “Legal entities of public law: participation in civil circulation (Matveyevsky civilistic readings)” (Kyiv, November 8, 2016) Problematic issues of the development of Ukrainian legislation on legal entities - International scientific and practical conference “Corporate law of Ukraine and other European countries: comparative legal characteristics” (Ivano-Frankivsk, September 26-27, 2014) On the place of legal entities of public law in the system of subjects of civil law - Sixth legal disputes on topical issues of private law (dedicated to E.V. Vaskovsky), (Odesa, May 20-21, 2016)


V. Zubar is a co-author of scientific-advisory opinions for the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases, the High Commercial Court of Ukraine, the High Administrative Court of Ukraine. He is an author of many articles, textbooks, monographs, commentaries to the legislation, such as:

Mysiak, P., Zubar, V., & Pestruiev, D. (2020). Conducting Other People’s Affairs Without a Power of Attorney in a Pandemic: Poland and Ukraine. Ius Humani. Law Journal, 9(2), 87-110. Nekit K., Tokareva V., Zubar V. (2020). Artificial intelligence as a potential subject of property and intellectual property relations. Ius Humani. Law Journal, 9 (1), 231-250. Introduction to private law: a textbook / editors: [Y.O. Kharitonov, O.I. Kharitonova, IV Давидова, V.М. Zubar and others]; chief editor Y.О. Kharitonov; National University "Odesa Law Academy". - Odesa: Legal Literature, 2018. - 240p. Insurance law: textbook / editors: [Y.O. Kharitonov, O.S. Adamova, V.M. Zubar etc.]; chief editor O.I. Kharitonova / National University "Odesa Law Academy". - Odesa: Phoenix, 2018. - 94p. Civil Code for Eastern Galicia in 1797. Codex civils pro Galicia Orientali anni MDCCXCVΙΙ: 2nd ed., Revised / trans. from Latin. A. Guzhva; editors: O. Kutateladze, V. Zubar. Kyiv: Yurinkom Inter, 2018. 660 p. In memory of the Teacher: to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Yu. S. Chervony: [Biography. Works of Yu. S. Chervony. Articles and memories of him] / comp. and resp. ed.: I.S. Kanzafarova, V.M. Zubar; - Odesa: Astroprint, 2017. - 324 p.  Eugene Vladimirovich Vaskovsky: jurist, writer, critic: a collection of materials to the 150th anniversary of his birth / Odesa National Scientific Library; order: N.O. Yatsun, I.O. Biryukova; Science ed. V.M. Zubar; resp. ed. O.F. Botushanska; reviewers: Y. O. Kharitonov, T.V. Dobko; ed.: N.G. Maidanyuk, I.S. Shelestovich. - Odesa: Bondarenko M.O., 2017. - 588 p.: il. - (Series "Odesa in names and documents"). The system of modern Roman law: In 8 vols. T. ΙV / Translated from German by G. Zhigulin; Ed. O. Kutaleladze, V. Zubar. - М.: Statut, 2016. - 480 с. Civil legislation of Ukraine: textbook / ed.: Y. O. Kharitonov, T.S. Kivalova, V.M. Zubar [and other]; for order of Y.O. Kharitonov, K.G. Nekit. - Odesa: Legal Literature, 2013. - 392 p. The system of modern Roman law: In 8 vols. T. ΙΙΙ / Translated from German by G. Zhigulin; Ed. O. Kutaleladze, V. Zubar. - М.: Statut, 2013. - 517 с. The system of modern Roman law: In 8 vols. T. ΙΙ / Translated from German by G. Zhigulin; Ed. O. Kutaleladze, V. Zubar. - M.: Statut; Odesa: Center for the Study of Law. Savigny, 2012. - 537 p. Scientific and practical commentary on the law of Ukraine "On consumer protection": scientific publication: as of 05.09.2011 / [Antukha GG, Afanasyev DI, Zubar VM etc.]. - K.: Publishing House "Professional", 2011. - 388 p. The system of modern Roman law. T. I / ed. O. Kutateladze, V. Zubar; Translated from German by G. Zhigulin; - М.: Statut, 2011. - 510 с. Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine. As of June 22, 2010: Scientific and practical commentary / [Andronov I.V., Golubeva N.Y., Gurevsky V.K. etc.]; for order of Y.О. Kharitonov, O.I. Kharitonova, N.Y. Golubeva. - К.: Alerta; CST; CUL, 2010. - 648 p. Civil law of Ukraine (traditions and innovations): monograph / [Kivalov S.V., Kharitonov Y.O., Dudchenko V.V. etc.]; for general ed. of Y.О. Kharitonov, T.S. Kivalova, O.I. Kharitonova; Science. ed. N.Y. Golubeva. - O.: Phoenix, 2010. - 700 p. Civil Code of Ukraine: Scientific and practical commentary / [Y.O. Kharitonov, I.N. Kucherenko, O.I. Kharitonova et al.]; under ed. Dr. Jurid. Sciences, Prof. Y.O. Kharitonov; Cand. jurid. Sciences, Assoc. N.Y. Golubeva. - Ed. Sixth, with changes and additions. - H.: LLC "Odyssey", 2008. - 1280 p. Civil Code of Ukraine: scientific and practical commentary: in 2 parts / [Babaskin A.Yu., Bezkluby I.A., Bezsmertna N.V. etc.]; for general ed. J.M. Shevchenko. - K.: Concern Publishing House "In Law", 2004. - Part 2. - 896 p. Civil and Family Law of Ukraine: A Practical Guide. The second edition, revised and supplemented / [Kharitonov Y.O., Kalitenko O.M., Zubar V.M. etc.]; for order of Y.О. Kharitonov, A.I. Drishlyuk. - H.: LLC "Odyssey", 2003. - 640 p. Roman law (Institutions) / [Y.O. Kharitonov, O.I. Kharitonova, O.S. Kizlova and others]; resp. ed. Dr. Jurid. Sciences, Prof. Y.О. Kharitonov. - H.: LLC "Odyssey", 2000. - 288 p. Civil Code of Ukraine (scientific and practical commentary) / [Saniakhmetova N.A., Kharitonov Y.O., Chervony Yu.S. etc.]; under common ed. Dr. Jurid. Sciences, Prof. Y.O. Kharitonova. - H.: LLC "Odyssey", 1999. - 848 p. Civil and family law of Ukraine: Studying and practical reference book / [Kharitonov Y.O., Saniakhmetova N.A., Kharitonova O.I. etc.]; under ed. Dr. Jurid. Sciences, Prof. Y.O. Kharitonov. - H.: LLC "Odyssey", 1999. - 544 p.