Trade relations are the foundation of a market economy and, regardless of political, historical circumstances, legal or financial restrictions, issues of sale and purchase, supply, franchising, consumer protection and intellectual property rights always remain relevant.
Among our clients are large distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, shopping & entertainment centres and business centres, whose daily activities are provided with legal support from Jurline specialists.

Jurline provides legal advice on the preparation and execution of supply agreements, franchising agreements, distribution agreements, on the conclusion and operation of lease and sublease agreements, advice on antimonopoly legislation, the registration of signs for goods and services (trademarks), advice in advertising and compliance with legal requirements for consumer protection, as well as on many other issues in the field of wholesale and retail trade.
Lawyers of Jurline successfully represent the interests of clients in litigation and arbitration disputes related to the fulfilment of contractual obligations, violation of intellectual property rights and consumer protection; as well as in disputes with tax authorities and regulatory authorities in the field of consumer protection.
We have many years of experience in this industry and help clients to find the most effective solutions to their tasks.