The lawyers of Attorneys’ Association JURLINE provide a full range of services related to protecting the interests of clients in the event of a need for defense in the field of white-collar crime. The expertise of lawyers covers legal protection in crimes in the field of economic activity, malfeasance, as well as protection of business and its owners from illegal pressure from law enforcement authorities.
The scope of this practice includes work with criminal proceedings for tax evasion, legalization of proceeds from crime, fraud, misappropriation and embezzlement of property, illegal enrichment, abuse of office; other offenses in the field of official and professional activities related to the provision of public services.

We offer our clients the conclusion of contracts for the provision of attorney services with the possibility, in case of any problematic situations, to receive the following legal assistance:
■ providing urgent advice by phone in order to prevent violation of the client's rights by law enforcement authorities and third parties until the attorney’s arrival to the client;
■ immediate arrival of an attorney (a group of attorneys) in case of any problems and questions with law enforcement authorities (searches, seizures, interrogations), as well as the commission of actions against the client that fall under the definition of administrative and criminal offenses;
■ provision of a full range of services to protect the rights and interests of clients in the event of their participation in the criminal process as witnesses, victims, suspects, accused both at the stage of pre-trial investigation and at the stage of the hearing of cases in courts.
In addition, the lawyers of Attorneys’ Association “JURLINE” have significant positive court practice on issues related to the illegal seizure, arrest of property and bank accounts of clients by law enforcement officers, with the further removal of these arrests and the return of property to the owners.
Our team is featured in Criminal Law/White-Collar Crime according to Ukrainian Law Firm 2020 - A Handbook for Foreign Clients.