Scholarship competition


For several years now, Jurline has been organizing a scholarship competition among law students. Participation in our competition is a good opportunity for students of law specialties of higher educational institutions to show their knowledge and skills in the legal field. The winners of the competition receive the opportunity to do an internship at Jurline and an incentive scholarship.
An internship at Jurline gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience in applying theoretical knowledge, the necessary business skills, to get acquainted with the principles of the law firm, as well as to determine the scope of professional interests.

According to the results of the First Scholarship Competition 2014-2015, the winners were Nguien Anastasia, Kotsaga Alexander and Kovbasniuk Anna.
According to the results of the II Scholarship Competition 2015-2016 - Volodymyr Prysiazhniuk, Olena Koch and Yulia Brezhneva.
III Scholarship competition 2016-2017 - Diatel Maksym, Tashkinova Anna and Gladchenko Andrii.
IV Scholarship competition 2017-2018 - Opanasenko Anatoliy, Starosud Vadym and Lagozynsky Vladyslav.
V Scholarship competition 2018-2019 - Veremchuk Vladyslav, Synika Oleksiy, Nekhryshchyniuk Olena.
VI Scholarship competition 2019-2020 - Khrischeva Alexandra, Chop Natalia and Parkhomenko Anna.

You can follow the information about the new Jurline scholarship competition on our website and on the official Facebook page.
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