Daria Minchenko

Basic information

Daria's main areas of professional activity are international arbitration and cross-border litigation. Daria participated in arbitration hearings of disputes under the rules of LCIA, LMAA, GAFTA, FOSFA, SCC, and supported litigation in foreign jurisdictions. She also successfully represents clients in the courts of Ukraine. Daria advises foreign and Ukrainian clients on general commercial issues and doing business in Ukraine.
Daria provides support for the activities of enterprises in the agricultural sector, transport, infrastructure and trade, and provides legal support on corporate governance issues, various aspects of company activities and the implementation of investment projects.
Daria studied at leading UK universities, and in 2016 she completed an internship at the largest international law firm in London.
In 2018, Daria received the right to practice law and now also specializes in business protection and criminal proceedings, including those with an international element.
The author of a number of articles in scientific and practical publications, in 2018 Daria defended her Ph.D. thesis on "Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments: Ukraine and England". She regularly takes part in conferences and forums devoted to international law and dispute resolution.


Represented a large enterprise in the port industry in a dispute under the arbitration rules of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the amount of USD 7+ million Represented the interests of large distributors in disputes on debt collection under the GAFTA rules Represented the interests of the shipowner (defendant) in the case of the recognition and enforcement of the New York Arbitration award and the release of the ship from arrest Represented a shareholder in an LMAA arbitration dispute on debt collection under agreements for the sale of shares in shipowning companies in the amount of USD 14+ million


Nottingham Trent University (UK), Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) (2016)
Queen Mary University of London, (UK), LLM in International Business Law (2014)
National University “Odesa Law Academy” (Ukraine) (2014)

Membership in professional organizations

Ukrainian National Bar Association
Ukrainian Bar Association

Speaking engagements

Topical issues of recognition and enforcement of international arbitration awards - Seminar on "Maritime business during the pandemic COVID - 19" (Odesa, October 1, 2020) On the peculiarities of recognition and execution of international commercial arbitration awards in Ukraine - All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference dedicated to the memory of Yu.S. Chervony (to the 90th anniversary of his birth) (Odesa, December 15, 2017)  Legal Regulation of the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments within the European Union - The fifth legal disputes on topical issues of private law devoted to the memory of E.V. Vaskovskyi (Odesa, May 22, 2015) 


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